Confused on what Bed Sheet to choose?

Choosing between different types of bed sheets can be confusing. From flannelette, cotton, linen and polyester blend.

We are here to help you choose. There are a few things to consider. The first obvious one is the size, what size of bed are you using? What texture do you like? Do you want it smooth and soft? Do you want durable and long-lasting quality? It is important to consider the weather and the season, do you need it warm? Or do you prefer less maintenance? Or a luxurious look and feel is the deciding factor? 

Here is our recommendation on what type to choose for you.


Winter is not done yet if you seek warmth on these chilly nights. What you need is an ultra-warm flannelette sheet. The Abrazo Flannelette cotton has been brushed and the fibre has been loosened, making it perfectly comfortable and keeping you warm all night.

Our Flannelette Products:

Pure Linen

Known for its durable quality, pure linen is the one for you if you are looking for a long-term investment It will last decades! Our Doux Pure Linen is made from European flax which guarantees long-lasting sheets and it is easy to maintain. Each wash does not destroy the pure linen, rather it becomes softer over time.

Pure Cotton

1000 Thread Count Cotton Rich

If a soft soothing feeling is what you are seeking, then this material type is for you. Sleeping on our 1000 Thread Count Cotton Rich S’Allonger sheets is like sleeping on clouds. It boasts a breathable and cozy quality.